EARTHWORX: Christmas Pergola

Christmas Pergola New Release!

The latest release from EARTHWORX for the holiday season. This is EARTHWORX beautiful Holiday decorated Christmas Pergola, perfect for any home or business for the entire holiday season. This item is for sale now on Marketplace and you can also find the demo and item at the EARTHWORX in world main store.

This item is packed with a ton of HIGH QUALITY animations, including many menus for Singles, cuddles, romance, erotic and even BDSM for the roleplayers in Second Life. This item also is of the highest quality mesh possible, making it a beautiful addition to any holiday decor.

Be sure to stop by the store, try the demo, and we promise you will not be disappointed. There are also a couple hunts going on at the store, group gift and a lucky chair with a nice promo Living room set up for grabs.

This item is Copy version.

We hope to see you soon and thanks for checking out EARTHWORX for your high quality mesh & furniture/decor needs.

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The High Life Hunt Gift


The High Life hunt starts on the 15th of November, and runs until the 15th of December. Be sure to be at Earthworx in world, for this great gift. This item is a great example of the type of quality you will find in the Earthworx store. There are Singles, Couples and adult animations in this item, along with the best texturing and mesh possible to make this item an amazing hunt gift. Earthworx loves doing hunts and we hope you enjoy this hunt gift!


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Earthworx Exclusives for Twe12ve

Twe12ve Nov Exclusive
Exclusive Gacha Nov Twe12ve

These are the two Earthworx Exclusives for the Twe12ve event November 12th-30th. These we are proud of, they have the highest quality mesh, textures and animations possible. In the Fireplace there is an avsitter menu with multi menus for couples, romance, cuddles and adults. In the Quilted Bench you will find menus typical for a throne, with worship poses, as well as singles, cuddles and adult  (BDSM) animations.

In the bed there is a wide range of high quality animations to choose from including, singles, couples and adult. This item also includes a complete BDSM menu.

You can find these items, for the remaining month of November, at the Twe12ve event held by Evil Bunny Productions.


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