About Earthworx

Earthworx is a new high quality mesh furniture/decor store on the 3D grid of Second life. Earthworx specializes in providing the best quality mesh, created by some of the best high quality mesh creators in SL (See Credits) as well as meshes created by Loganbrinley Resident- (Designer & Owner of Earthworx). Logan is a texture artist also in Second life and specializes in creating gorgeous texturing on these amazing meshes as well as animating all items with the best animations in Second Life (Kabuki Creations by Naku Nishi)  Earthworx also has a great selection of BDSM furniture, ideal for the roleplayers in Second Life as well as singles and couple/romantic furniture also. Gacha machines are also in the store and at the many events that Earthworx participates in each month.

Earthworx Main Store is under construction at the current time, but it is open and there are items for sale in the store, along with hunt gifts, a lucky chair and really sweet group gifts. So be sure to stop by the store in world today. Earthworx participates in numerous events each month, with focus on creating the best, and most unique items possible for each event. We also have a team of bloggers who blog for Earthworx so be sure to check out the blogger links and also our Facebook Page is also a good resource to stay connected to Earthworx events, blogs and other important information.

Earthworx is actively looking for more bloggers to add to the store blogger team. If you are interested in blogging for Earthworx, please fill out the following application:

Blogger Application

Thank you and we hope to see you in the store and at the many events, very soon.


The Earthworx Team

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