Earthworx Exclusives for Twe12ve

Twe12ve Nov Exclusive
Exclusive Gacha Nov Twe12ve

These are the two Earthworx Exclusives for the Twe12ve event November 12th-30th. These we are proud of, they have the highest quality mesh, textures and animations possible. In the Fireplace there is an avsitter menu with multi menus for couples, romance, cuddles and adults. In the Quilted Bench you will find menus typical for a throne, with worship poses, as well as singles, cuddles and adult  (BDSM) animations.

In the bed there is a wide range of high quality animations to choose from including, singles, couples and adult. This item also includes a complete BDSM menu.

You can find these items, for the remaining month of November, at the Twe12ve event held by Evil Bunny Productions.


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Twe12ve Landmark

Earthworx Main Store Landmark

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